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Stanislava Pinchuk presents Borders (The Magnetic Fields)

Visual artist, tattoo artist and friend of RUSSH, Stanislava Pinchuk, has always had her eyes on the big picture. Far off horizons, the stories that don't make the headlines on our morning news scroll. For her latest exhibition, Borders (The Magnetic Fields), presented by China Heights gallery,Pinchuk presents a data mapping of the changing landscape made by the evacuation of the Calais Jungle refugee camp in France. The works, painstakingly plotted through data collected over a six month period, show entire camp topographies as lace meshes. They're shown alongside terrazzo blocks which, at a distance which, on closer inspection, encase the remnants of the evacuations survival objects: SIM cards, gun shells, shoes and toothbrushes.

"I felt really compelled to data map how the ground was being changed by the evacuation of the Calais ‘Jungle’, as it was happening. Migration in difficult circumstances has a huge resonance for me, and it felt really overwhelming to see migration directly affecting the shape of landscape like that. To talk about borders and bigger dreams, senses of desire and migration," explains Pinchuk. "What I would love for audiences to understand is that Calais is really unique as a relatively informal refugee camp. People were coming  from so many different directions - in small groups or alone, quietly across countries. And only when arriving in Calais, that all these trajectories finally culminated at an end point - and began to leave a physical mark on the land. And that’s what I really wanted to record, as well as what the evacuation of that did to shape the same ground in return."

Borders (The Magnetic Fields) opens at China Heights gallery this Friday, May 25, from 6-8pm.