Björk’s Latest Project – a Virtual Reality Experience


Icelandic icon Björk is an artistic anomaly if there ever was one. A true outlaw idealist with an insatiable appetite for the innovative, she continues to make some of the most thrilling, vital and challenging art of her life and times. With an irrepressible drive for expression, the universe she’s birthed around her oeuvre is one that is quite rightly admired the world over.

Her stature as one of the most identifiable, unlikely mavericks of modern pop culture is owed not only to her staggeringly progressive records, but roles and scores in avant-garde film, a reel of revolutionary music videos, an instinctive, imaginative attitude to fashion and experiments in new technology.

Her latest project is Björk Digital – a virtual reality experience constructed around her latest album, Vulnicura. Premiering as part of Vivid Sydney, the exhibition guides audiences on a fantastical trip through the artist’s evolving wanderlust: “the more often I tried [virtual reality] on and was getting to know its character … I was fascinated by how it captures intimacy so well,” Bjork explains of the installation. “You can be even more intimate than in a video or at a live concert.”

“It’s this environment which I find very exciting – this pioneer universe where people are still discovering things, bumping into walls, making mistakes.”

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