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If you ever wondered what a Birkenstock and Nike collaboration would look like there is finally an answer

Birkenstock and Nike

A few years ago the thought of a clog as a major fashion trend would have been something unheard of. Now, the idea of it not being included in our daily fashion lexicon seems even more foreign to us. Recently, we've seen Birkenstock apart of varying design collaborations. From the colourful and kitsch collaboration with Chrome Hearts, to the crystal embellished open toed version from Manolo Blahnik.

Now for those intrigued about more of an urban twist, graphic designer Davide Perella has reimagined a collaboration with Nike. Taking to Instagram, Perella has our creative brains spinning as he shared an image of the infamous Swoosh-marked clog for keen footwear fans.

In true monochromatic Nike fashion, the collaboration features a matte black leather outer with a contrasting white strap. The buckled strap has been made to emulate Nike's signature tick. Instantly reminding the major sneaker heads among us of the classic monochromatic Nike Air Jordan era. The design is finished off with the usual cork footbed, tread and black rubber outsole.

Figuratively speaking, this latest collaboration would be an exciting endeavour for the Nike lovers out there. Given the response from Perella's Instagram if given the green light, the interest looks to be very favourable. The brand is known to have many stylistic signatures, so if moving forward with a design the choices are anyone's guess. For us, we're always a sucker for any design feature that gives us a hint of 90's nostalgia.

Now the question remains, will it be released and how do we get our hands on it? While that may be unknown for now, you can suss out the Perella's hypothetical design below and weigh in with your own design judgement.



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Image via: @davidperella