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Here are all the best nail trends anticipated of 2024

The forecast is in, and while we might be a bit early to the predictions, thanks to TikTok and celebrity nail artists we have a pretty good idea at which nail looks will be the biggest trends in 2024.

This years nail trends have been tied nicely around balletcore and the coquette trend, where soft neutrals and pink ribbons capitalised social media. The core of these trends existed outside of the nail realm first, as the resurgence of Barbiecore and Sandy Liang's bows became tokens of femininity, where then to finalise the contemporary girlhood look, the embellishment of rounded strawberry milk pink nails were adorned.

Romanticising the human experience of the girl as Girl Core is where it has been at, and it has been fun and whimsical. But as we farewell the nail trends of 2023, we begin to look ahead towards the nail trends of 2024, where squoval shapes and peach fuzz nails are apparently destined for next year.


Squoval Nails


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You heard correctly, Squoval. The Squoval nail is a new hybrid shape, a fusion of the square and oval. We're staying in the soft girl era still as stilettos and coffin shaped nails are out, but thankfully there is no need to sacrifice the length just the shape. And surprisingly nail technicians say if you grow your nails out, the squoval shape is natural shape it forms to, so maybe we're also going back to all natural next year.


Velvet Nails


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The Velvet nails, also commonly known as magnetic or cat-eye nails. You might be wondering "seriously peach fuzz for nails?", we know the internet loves a name, but don't be mistake for the chrome nails, these velvet nails use a magnet give a shimmer effect. Even celebrities such as Haley Bieber and Sydney Sweeney are jumping on the trend early with their velvet nails, as seen on the red carpets. And if Hayley Bieber can make glazed donut nails a thing, we believe in her power to make velvet nails a thing.


Airbrushed Nails


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Coloured nails will always be in, something whimsical and fun, especially with the airbrush technique that gives the nails an aura effect. Bedazzling the nails with some little metallic stars is such a pretty way to finish the look with dimensions. Perhaps the Y2K finesse is truly making a comeback?


Hyper Feminine Nails

Ah yes. Barbiecore, croquette and girlcore nails are not leaving us just yet. These made quite the impression on us that it is no surprise they are staying around a little bit longer. We're predicting baby pinks, bows (of course), hearts, and bedazzled jewels are here to stay.


Blue Nails


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Pinterest has predicted the trend of Blue Beauties, specifically in beauty. Perhaps this is an effect from the return of the Y2K era, as blue eyeshadow was at its peak then. We're predicting to see solid cobalt blue nails, no pastels, specifically blueberry milk nails...


Textured Nails


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Specifically, metallic textured nails are seemed to make a comeback, but realistically when did they ever leave?

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