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10 of the best ricotta recipes for the humble cheese lover in us

ricotta recipes

Ah ricotta, the name itself just oozes off the tongue doesn't it? While it is possibly the most humble of all the soft cheese family, it is certainly not the most boring. Easily jazzed up on top of breads, in soups, pastas and pastries, there is a ricotta moment for every occasion. Lending itself to be a great protein alternative for those who are inclined to go meat free, there are a variety of ways to make it sing in any dish. If you're like us and often find yourself having those nights where you can't bare the thought of another laborious meal, the hero of all cheeses will surely come to your aid.

Be it sweet or savoury or somewhere in between we've found the solution with a selection of ten of the best ricotta recipes when you need that instant hit of serotonin. Impress your friends at your next luncheon, they'll be sure to have seconds!


Ricotta and spinach cannelloni with tomato sugo

ricotta recipes

A feast for the eyes and for the stomach, Cannelloni is always a crowd favourite and made here with the inclusion of spinach and tomato sugo, you'll be fending off your guests for the last portion.


Jamie Oliver's baked crepes with ricotta and broccolini

Crepes for dinner? Why not? Plus, we know Jamie Oliver can do no wrong, and when it comes to delicious meat-free options he's always on to something. Made with layers of creamy ricotta and fresh broccolini it's the ideal midweek meal.


Ricotta and mint fritters

ricotta recipes

A meal that is worthy of breakfast, lunch or dinner, the versatility is endless here. The mint here gives it a delightful zesty freshness, add some rocket for some extra peppery delight.


Grilled ricotta bruschetta with sweet and sour tomatoes

Anytime there are the words bread and cheese in the same sentence you know it'll be delicious. Bruschetta, the fancy tricked up version of cheese on toast never falters. Deliciously topped here with lashings of olive oil, oregano and apple cider vinegar, it's tangy and salty the perfect late night snack!


Chicken, capsicum and ricotta mini pizzas

ricotta recipes

A south asian inspired delight, these mini pizzas are elevated with the inclusion of naan bread, top up with some shredded chicken and fragrant capsicum for the perfect Friday night meal in.


Comforting ricotta gnocchi with pistachio pesto

There are pastas and then there are pastas, we'd wager that gnocchi ranks up there as one of the most moorish. not to mention when pan fried in a lot of herby pesto.


Ricotta hotcakes with roasted rhubarb

It wouldn't be a ricotta best of round up without the edition of ricotta hotcakes. Fluffy and light the rhubarb in this recipe gives it some ample tartness. Enjoy for breakfast or for a delicious late night dessert treat!


Crumpets with cinnamon ricotta, banana, blueberries and honey

ricotta recipes

Another for the breakfast books, who would be so bold to turn down a crumpet? Not to mention one teamed with creamy whipped ricotta, honey and blueberries. Simple and delicious!


Torta della nonna (ricotta and lemon tart)

A humble dessert for a humble cheese, there may not be many ingredients in this winning Italian pastry dish but there is just enough to keep you on your toes. The crumbly pine nuts accompanied by the lemon and icing sugar makes this one to remember.


Vegetable soup with ricotta dumplings

With winter just around the corner it's about time to bust out the hearty, warm soups, you'll find nothing cosier than a bowl of this, topped with oozy ricotta dumplings for good measure.

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