Time to tune out: These are the podcasts we’ve been loving

Best Podcasts 2022

Here is a fact: we are living in the age of the podcast. This is another one: I am a fanatical consumer in every way. Known affectionately as the auditory replacement of the blog post, there's a reason podcasts have stuck around, like a burr on the public conscience for oh-so-long. As a chronic multi-tasker, I constantly have a pod on when I'm puttering around the house, or quelle surprise - when I'm in the thick of my writing work day. My mind is already rife with voices in my head, so what's one more?

The humble podcast has revolutionised the way we interact and storytell. It is a transient method of communication and knowledge-reaping, and we, the Australian nation, comprise the world's most avid podcast listeners. 43% of our country's populace are plugged into a pod. And within the RUSSH family, you can crunch the stats and find that the median actually goes up.

If you're green to the world of podcasts or a long-time listener, either way, we're the people to coax you through the experience. I leap in between fashion, true crime, wellness, history and interviews without discrimination. There's an art to listening contingent on mood. Chopping between buses on my morning commute? Something upbeat with an educational hook will do. When I cook for one, true crime, with a taint of soapiness. I like You're Wrong About. Racing home off the clock? What else, but 'After Work Drinks', featuring our own Isabelle Truman?

For an undisputed listening experience, we've rounded up ten of our favourite, well-to-do podcasts. Plug in, let your mind wander and enjoy.



CAMBON, the acclaimed arts and culture podcast under CHANEL is an audio force of good in the podcast world. The conversations and self-titled audio documentaries are the perfect watering hole for any friends of the House to converse. Luckily for us, we can partake as a fly on the wall.


You're Wrong About

The very first podcast I was properly acquainted with, under the tutelage of Sarah Marshall. With special guests and previous co-host Michael Hobbes, the pod delivered so much ripe material on social contagion, degenerate beauty queens, and everything Americana wedged in between.


Cutting Room Floor

Want fashion discourse at it's best? You've got it on the Cutting Room Floor.


Vanity Project

Sydney's two savants with rich interior lives give their misguided soliloquys on everything Madonna, Queer Sydney, and a-historical.


Every Outfit

Every outfit on Sex and the City. That's the name, and that's everything you get in spades. Explore the world behind one of the shows with the most delicious and free-falling wardrobes of all time.


After Work Drinks

Our contributing editor Isabelle Truman and Grace O'Neill take us through the pantheon of pop culture, fashion, and shits for giggles.


Jillian on Love

Jillian on Love is the woman to track your path to self-betterment. A trained psychologist who has righted me and my friends from many paths of sabotage, she's the comforting voice in your ear you want in moments of perspiring doubt.


The A24 Podcast

For the love of film! The A24 Podcast takes you through the rich and unending filmography of the streaming giant, with a behind the scenes listen of the makings of your favourites, with your favourites.


Business of Fashion

The Business of Fashion is exactly that: An extensive, thoroughly researched journey through the milieu and economic boom of the fashion industry.

How to Know What's Real

By The Atlantic, 'How to Know What's Real' journeys through the current age of the digital world we live in. Tackling anything from screen time, digital cities, and the inevitable red herring of AI, take a route through the interweb that is informative without being confronting.


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