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Here are 6 of the best meal services offering plant-based fare

Some of life's greatest joys can be found in the kitchen; tossed in a carbon steel skillet or low and slow in a dutch oven. Funnily enough, the same can be said of life's largest horrors. Hare-brained experiments that result in charred skin (yours), recipes at their worst and time ultimately squandered. And with many of us leading busy lives, the latter is perhaps the most devastating of the lot.

So sometimes we must cut our losses and take the pressure off. Whether you're opting for a meal service to save time shopping for groceries or simply want to try something new, in the spirit of World Vegan Month or November as others call it, here at RUSSH we're rounding up 6 of the best and most delicious plant-based meal delivery services. Find them, below.

1. Soulara


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As one of the OG plant-based meal services, Soulara has truly finessed the medium. From its commitment to sustainability with 100% recyclable packaging and a veggie-scraps-to-farmer initiative, to it's impressive 60 plus lineup of meals, snacks and drink options that are seasonal, locally-sourced where possible and don't skimp on protein. With Soulara knocking on your door, you won't find yourself eating the same, under-seasoned dahl four times a week. Instead, it's a colourful reel of hoisin noodles, spicy tagines, biryanis and risottos.


2. IKU


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What began in 1985 as a humble storefront dishing up simple plant-based meals in Glebe, has flourished into an online delivery service with a mission to make plant-based food accessible to all. IKU offer all the salty, fresh and savoury delights we yearn for as well as a diverse array of sweet treats too. As is the case for Soulara, IKU have pre-prepared all the ingredients so that once you receive it all you need do is heat and...devour.


3. Garden of Vegan


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Benny, Mel, Gareth and Damien – the four owners of Garden of Vegan – are up at 4 am most mornings. Why? They're at the local certified organic farm picking the veggies that will soon be prepared into a number of wholesome and flavourful meals. Think Penang Curry and Shepherds Pie free from refined sugar, gluten and of course, meat.


4. Macros


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While not exclusively plant-based, Macros has plenty of vegan, vegetarian and plant-based options for the time poor among us. Choose between 7 and 24 meals per week, that have been designed by dieticians and crafted by chefs.


5. Marley Spoon

For those who enjoy cooking, Marley Spoon simply saves you a trip to the grocery story (plus all the brain power you would usually spend on thinking up a dinner recipe). Each meal is delivered unassembled at the time and day of your choosing. And although Marley Spoon don't eschew meat and dairy altogether, what they do offer in the way of plant-based is exciting, substantial and fail-safe.


6. My Goodness Organics

One of the more expensive plant-based meal services on the list purely because My Goodness Organics know that a gal can never say no to a generous portion size. Here you'll find the usual array of colourful, cross-cuisine fare as well as bagels, desserts and plant-based pantry staples.

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