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Batter up! It’s Shrove Tuesday and these are our top pancake recipes to try

Best Pancake Recipes

Pancakes are a breakfast food imbued with memories of slumber parties and long, sleepy Sundays at home – a special meal that we like to whip up when we're feeling low or entertaining that's always sure to please a crowd.

Today is Shrove Tuesday, a day when pancakes are traditionally eaten, but honestly, who even needs the excuse to whip up a batch? If you're feeling like the classic store-bought batter-in-a-bottle isn't going to cut it for you anymore, and you want to try your hand at something a little more sophisticated, then we've got five of the best delicious sweet and savoury pancake recipes for you to try your hand at, below.


1. Gluten-free pancakes

Gluten-free pancakes recipe

These gluten-free pancakes are good even for those wheat-loving friends who want to indulge. This recipe, shared with RUSSH and developed by Fluidform Pilates with Nutritionist Jo Kate Whitehead is fluffy, light and non-cardboard-y.


2. Vegan red velvet pancakes

Vegan red velvet pancakes recipe

We're not big fans of the idea of guilt-free food. In our view, no food should come with guilt. That said, if you are looking for a breakfast treat that has all the flavour but none of the ingredients that can cause upset, look no further than these red velvet pancakes. A dairy-free option for our lactose-intolerant and vegan friends, this is a breakfast delight you'll be making on repeat.


3. Gut-loving Japanese pancakes

Gut-loving Japanese pancakes <a target=recipe " width="900" height="600" />

A round-up of best pancakes recipes wouldn't be complete without a savoury option – and if we can include gut-loving and immunity-boosting ingredients in the mix all the better. This recipe ticks the boxes for all of the above. Made with fibre rich savoy cabbage and sweet potato to feed the gut and promote motility, ginger to soothe and heal intestinal lining and boost immunity, as well as miso and kimchi to nourish our intestinal flora, it’s ideal not only for breakfast but for any meal of the day.


4. Bon Appetit's lazy day pancakes

Bon Appetit's lazy day pancakes recipe

The perfect no-bells-and-whistles recipe that requires nothing more than the usual pantry suspects you can harbour for those tired or hungover weekend mornings when you really can't be bothered, but have a hankering for that feeling that only homemade pancakes can deliver.


4. Bill's famous ricotta pancakes


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If you're a Sydney-sider, then you probably have already eaten – or at least know about – chef Bill Granger's famous ricotta hotcakes. No best pancake recipe round-up would be complete without them on the list, as they're a staple on the menu at Bills cafe's around the city, and one of their most popular dishes for good reason. But if you want to recreate them at home, then you're in luck – Granger divulged the recipe a few years ago online.


5. Ottolenghi's pancakes with maple brown butter apples and sesame praline

Ottolenghi's pancakes with maple brown butter apples and sesame praline recipe

For a warm and autumnal take on the classic summer pancake – this Ottolenghi recipe is our go-to. Fluffy, tender, American-style pancakes glistening under a river of maple syrup and topped with buttery apples and praline butter. It's elevated without losing the elements that make a pancake brekky so great.


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