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13 of the best op shops to visit in Brisbane

best op shops brisbane

One of the best parts of visiting an op shop is not knowing what you may unearth, and the vintage traders of Brisbane sure know how to serve up the best on offer. From coats to trousers to cowboy boots aplenty, Brisbane's best op shops are eccentric, diverse and cultivate a vibe unlike that of op shops in Melbourne or Sydney for that matter. Here, we round up 13 of the best op shops in the city to visit sometime soon.

1. Lil Jay’s Vintage Market 

Running up two two times per month, Lil Jay’s Vintage Market has previously been described as the “world's best garage sale.” Housing a large variety of second hand sellers, the market is a grand opportunity to find hidden gems ready for a second chance at life. 

2. Yesterdays

With five stores across Brisbane, Yesterdays is the destination for affordable, quality garms ranging from high street labels to designer brands. Some stock is also available online if you can’t pop in store, with all funds going to The Developing Foundation. 

3. Ra Ra Superstar 


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A combination of vintage and handmade clothing, with an abundance of brightly coloured pieces to satiate the maximalist in you. Both its store and Depop shop are filled with florals, crop tops and vintage textiles primed for your wardrobe. 

4. RSPCA New Farm 

Proceeds from the RSPCA New Farm store go back to the lovely animals so why wouldn’t you want to support them? Here, you will find premium goods in great condition looking for a new wardrobe to call home. 

5. Swop 


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An icon of op shopping, Swop has enjoyed success in Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide, and Brisbane is no exception. The store stocks only the highest quality pieces, ensuring your second-hand garments feel almost brand new. 

6. Newstead Salvos Store

While you will likely find a bargain at any Salvos store, the Newstead Salvos Store has a particularly glowing reputation. The front section of the store is filled with designer garments to shop, alongside a locked cabinet filled with pre-loved items worthy of a peek. 

7. Studio Thrifty Four 

Perhaps the best named op shop we’ve ever come across, Studio Thrifty 4 appeals to the bargain buyer in us as all pieces sold cost less than $5, no matter the brand. A small but mighty institution, upon a trip to the store you will find yourself immersed in the glow of the disco ball, just like its namesake suggests. 

8. Newstead Vinnies 

Located next door to the Newstead Salvos Store, Vinnies is filled with a range of high quality garments and accessories to be shopped. The store is quite large, meaning there’s much more to take in and browse through than your typical op shop. 

9. Vintage Revival 

An outlet of Lifeline, Vintage Revival is here to service your retro needs. Here, you’ll find 1970s flower power prints abound, alongside cowboy boots and Hippie skirts. 

10. Retro Metro 

A Brisbane institution, Retro Metro is a small outlet all vintage shoppers need be aware of. Selling a mixture of new and truly vintage pieces, you will find an array of garments looking for a new home. 

11. St Veronica's Thrift Store 

An independent old school op shop, you will find St Veronica’s in the West End. Inside, it is an eclectic mixture and houses more than clothes, with books and records also housed within its walls. 

12. Local Opy 


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A spin-off from the team who bring you Swop, Local Opy houses an array of items from tops, trousers and jackets, starting at $9. All proceeds go to the rotating charity of their choice. 

13. Paddington Red Cross Store 

Paddington’s Red Cross Store is home to a slew of high end labels and certified-vintage goods, all of immense quality. Think: designer dresses, hardly worn, at a budget-friendly price. 

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