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When it comes to brow soap, these are the ones you need in your beauty kit

best brow soap

Want to know what direction fashion trends are swinging? Forget hemlines, cast around and look at the way people are grooming their eyebrows. We know the 90s and noughties favoured thin, over-plucked shapes, and given the current resurgence of both era's aesthetics we're seeing skinny brows crop up once more. The same goes for the bleached brow, an editorial beauty look that's grown in popularity as a fun way to switch up your appearance.

As people become less precious about their brows – acknowledging that hair grows back – there are some who are fine sticking with the tried and tested, thick, fluffy or "laminated" look. Cara Delevingne revived thick full brows in 2013, and since then we've been filling them in and gluing them to our foreheads with precision.

There is, of course, the convenient eyebrow gel – application spoolie supplied. But most of these tend to merely brush eyebrows in the preferred direction. And I'm yet to meet one that stays all day, especially for folks with thicker hair. No. If you're looking for a product that cannot be deterred by a little water or eight hours spent frowning at the computer, then brow soap is the road to take. Simply wet the solid with setting spray, water works too, backcomb and style.

Personally, it takes a lot to cajole my brows into staying in place all day. So the tools need to be heavy duty. Below, we've rounded up a bevy of brow soaps that do just the trick. And if nothing else, you can always pop to the chemist and pick up a bar of Pears Pure and Gentle.



best brow soap

When Mecca dropped its Brow Guru I let out a little piggy squeal. It meant I could cast aside the milky, hairy and altogether dirty soap bar I had been working with (and washing when the build up was too much) for a product that was actually designed for the job. Granted, I need a few layers of this and there's a knack to getting your brows the right level of tacky, but safe to say it's a keeper. It's affordable too, which is always a bonus.



best brow soap

Want great-looking brows? The natural source should always be Anastasia Beverly Hills. We've all had the Dipbrow Pomade on our beauty shelf at some stage, closely followed by Brow Wiz and Clear Brow Gel. It simply makes sense to add Brow Freeze to the lineup. We also appreciate the tip calling us to work the product onto the pot lid to make it tacky enough to apply.


PATRICK TA Major Brow Shaping Wax

best brow soap

Brow soap activate! We appreciate the upscale packaging of this Sephora staple. Especially as the rectangle shape is spoolie-friendly, allowing one to coat the brush and reach the edges in a way not afforded with circle pots. This one has a waxier consistency, but I can't say I hate it?


PINK HONEY Original Superhold

The formula of this little guy is unique to the rest of brow soaps on this list. Neither solid or liquid, it's activated by water and has a gloopy consistency. Although it's much more satisfying than it sounds. Plus, the honey-coloured brow soap has a bubblegum scent, if you're into that kind of thing.


Brow Styling Soap

Amazon and I have never been on speaking terms, but I would consider letting my first order from Bezos' marketplace be this nondescript brow soap that the internet assures is lowkey the best. Is Brow the brand? Who knows. What we do know is this little tin is said the be the perfect consistency, not too waxy or wet, and certainly leaving no dandruff-like flakes. If you've got finer brows, you'll only need one lick of this bad boy.

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