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Beneath the surface

Torn pages, fragments of stills, layers upon layers pieced together, offering audiences a view of the internal monologue.
Photography and design collide for Inner, an exhibition by the Sydney Collage Society, hosted at Sydney's Ellery Gallery. Founded in 2015, the Sydney Collage Society challenges preconceived ideas of cut-and-paste, celebrating the art form through nuanced works that offer reflection and insight into broader themes of love, connection and isolation. Inner, the latest group exhibition, explores through the medium "notions that sit in and beneath the depths of the mind, be they guiding, destructive or placid." With works featured by artists including Danilo Brandão, Steve Tierney and RUSSH Contributing Editor Kitty Callaghan, Inner is on display at Ellery Gallery, Paddington, this evening from June 14 through July 5.