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Belvedere launches its Single Estate Rooms

Belvedere wants to take you to Poland. Specifically, to the country's natural fields and lakes, the terroir of the nations most famous export - Belvedere luxury vodka. To celebrate the release of the brand's Single Estate Rye Series, including two distinct vodkas - Smogóry Forest and Lake Bartężek - Belvedere has developed a multi-dimensional sensory cocktail experience in Chippendale, Sydney: the Single Estate Rooms. Guests will learn about the complex flavour profiles of the Single Estate Rye vodkas from some of the country's most renowned mixologists including Sam Egerton (Charlie Parkers, Sydney), Jeremy Shipley (Smoke, Sydney), Felix Allsop (The Everleigh, Melbourne), and Aaron Clark (Ghanem Group, Brisbane).

The multisensory event runs for one hour and features a two course supper club meal alongside cocktails, with the The House of Belvedere Bar open for guests to continue into the night. Tickets are available to purchase for $75 to one of three sessions this evening, April 6, at 5:30pm, 7:00pm and 8:30pm.