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Bella Hadid announced as the new face of iconic beauty brand Charlotte Tilbury

bella hadid charlotte tilbury

Anyone who has seen fashion darling Bella Hadid's fresh skin and lifted eye looks on TikTok, would not be surprised to learn that Charlotte Tilbury is also looking to her for beauty inspiration. As the much-loved British brand enters its 10th year, the Supermodel will be joining the Charlotte Tilbury Beauty family, becoming Charlotte's newest beauty muse and global face.

Had has been working closely with the brand over the past year, particularly with Sofia Tilbury (Charlotte's niece) who has been the brush behind many of her looks. Namely, the glam for Beyonce’s birthday in September.


Hadid spoke about joining the Tilbury family. “I have admired Charlotte for years, she is a true creative force and we both share a passion for empowering confidence and creating a meaningful beauty community. When I saw Charlotte at the Prince’s Trust Gala last year I remember she was standing up dancing at the table right next to mine (when nobody else was!) and I knew then she would be my new dance partner! She is such a divine light in how she works and connects with people. The universe wanted us to be together that night, and look where we are now!”

Artistry Director, Sofia Tilbury shared some warm words about the partnership “It is always such an honour to work with Bella - she has the most incredible, warm, positive energy, and we have so much fun working together on red carpets all over the world. Bella truly loves makeup and knows how to use it to unlock confidence, embody a character and express her creativity and individuality. Bella has always been a friend of the brand, and I am so excited about our new partnership!”

As we all know, Hadid is not just known for inspiring beauty gurus, but also slays the style game. If you'd like to scroll through her most iconic looks, we've curated them for you here.

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