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Behind the scenes: glimpse the making of Two People’s first record

The first cut is the deepest. Melbourne outfit Two People take us in-studio for the making of their debut album, First Body.

“For us it’s got to be homey.” Two People’s live shows are an all-encompassing aural and visual experience, but when it comes to the day-to-day – writing, recording and collaborating – the setting is a little more intimate. The band’s members Phoebe Lou and Joey Clough have known each other since high school (you might recognise them from Triple J Unearthed High winning band Snakadaktal) but this year marks the release of their first full-length album as Two People. In celebration of the record – appropriately entitled First Body– the band showed us behind the scenes in their Melbourne recording studio: the recording process, the listening parties, and the insular moments they love best. This is the making of First Body.

“We love Roland but would really love to go to Poland one day.”

“This alley ran alongside the windows into our studio. Was full of birds nesting and carrying on, especially in summer.”

 “The place to sit and have a breather. This etching press just next to our studio made a lot of noise, metal works, you know. Who needs soundproofing.”

“How good is our camera? Takes a great snap. This is our little studio kitchen and a plant going wild.”

“We set up our instruments to face each other. This is really important to us, really helps to create an insular world, a togetherness in the sound.”

“Sometimes synths take over the couch.”

“Our listening party. We spoke about our music our journey, and played the record. It was a real moment. This photo’s by Tim Hardy.”

“We had the steelworker next door make us this security gate. Pretty important that no-body can break in and steal all our stuff. We probably should do some welding.”

“Watching Joey, emersed. He has this way with his craft, a certain grace. It’s inspiring.”

"Home :)”