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Why you’ll be wearing perfume accessories in 2020

Perfume can be at once both intoxicating and overbearing. It can draw you in to a person, or, conversely, leave you feeling equally claustrophobic. If you lean on the side of fragrance feeling too consuming when applied directly to your skin then you're in luck, as the industry has also begun to shift in your favour. Here, we round up the best in perfume accessories.

Diptique's new classic
Launching late last year, iconic French candle brand Diptyque moved into wearable accessories for their equally iconic fragrances. Scented stickers that act like a temporary tattoo of sorts can be applied to the skin. The memory of Hubba Bubba’s bubblegum tape will come flooding back with the fragranced rope dispenser, and with its gold fastening clasp you can wear your scent on your wrist, ankle or neck. Alongside these (and the perfect gift for your mother-in-law, though brooches could make a comeback?) are the renaissance-inspired brooches. Gold birds encasing a scented ceramic stone, so you can wear your scent close to your heart.

Life is art with Monolito
Founded by Columbian designer Andrea Vargas Dieppa, Monolito create fragrances, designer wearable vials and furniture (coming soon). The brand’s first fragrance, Shandy Shandy, was created alongside perfumer Barnabé Fillion (the nose behind Aesop’s Marrakesh and Hwyl) and can be kept in the brand's range of vials - though these can also be filled with whichever scent is your signature. Originally designing footwear under Dieppa Restrepo, these objects d’art are the next addition to your wardrobe.

Heaven sent
By Kilian already have scented lipsticks, pairing your signature red to your signature scent, but more recently the label teamed up with luxury jewellery brand Elie Top to create a line of scented jewels. Earrings, a ring, necklace, choker and bracelet, each encasing a scented ceramic stone, allow you to wear your fragrance more subtly in smell and more statement in appearance.

The reinvention of Chanel Chance
And if there was ever a brand known for their iconic scents it would be Chanel. From No.5 to its little sister (of sorts), Chance, the scents are easily recognisable. Launching this summer is the Chance family: the original Chance, Eau Fraîche, Eau Tendre and Eau Vive now come in a solid pencil form. You can scrawl love notes on skin and line the lengths of your body in whichever scent suits the day.

The beauty industry moves fast and there are new launches each day, but here’s your chance to invest in something a little longer lasting.