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Beauty in Sydney – Jess Blanch on her favourite salons and therapists

Jess Blanch Sydney Beauty

The announcement that beauty therapy and salons would be allowed to recommence business from June 1 means we can get back out and show our favourite beauty haunts some support.

While treatments and grooming wasn’t exactly a priority during the intensity of the pandemic, I‘ve got to admit I am happy to be able to return to some of my regular Sydney salons. Visiting these brands and salons offers some much needed stimulus to companies that have been out of action for months. If you have the means, many small businesses would truly appreciate your support.

These are just some of the places that I'll be visiting now that we're able to return to support our friends in the beauty industry.



Jocelyn Petroni

The social distancing friendly gallery room (with two very nice Vicki Lee works on the wall) at Jocelyn Petroni is a personal favourite of mine and the feeling of having the salon to myself feels very indulgent but also safe.

No salon does nails better than here, and I’m already booked in for a pedicure (this salon does Chanel nail varnish) and naked nail manicure.

They are also offering virtual skin consultations, the fee of which is redeemable on product purchase.



I’ve been seeing Renya Xydis at Valonz for most of my life. A good cut is a must even when you hair needs a simple like mine are. When I need a lift - like now - Renya tells me to come in for a shine treatment.

The salon has reopened but the team are currently alternating to account for that space in between. So book ahead to avoid disappointment. I love to get the earliest morning appointments possible and a coffee from Barbetta next door.


Luna Beauty

Luna Beauty

This is my one-stop-shop for my product needs including supplements but especially for a dose of Faye’s common sense. What I love most about Luna is it’s not a place where they tell you all that you need to fix about your skin, it’s more somewhere to go and feel relaxed and nourished.

Luna Beauty stocks Josh Rosebook which is a well documented favourite of mine, but also simple clean beauty products like the spot cream and Lip Joa lip gloss.

2020 is going to be the year I buy the gua sha and this is where I will get it from. The Surry Hills apothecary has reopened this week, but they will deliver locally from the online shop  - even same day if it's possible.


Zen Facial

Sadly I can’t even remember the last time I saw Fumi. But as soon as I can find a couple of hours to be by the sea with her in Bronte this is where you will find me. Facial isn’t the right word. I was sent here by someone special and now I send all those I love there. It’s good for the soul, which just happens to show on the face. Who would have thought?


Broth Bar & Larder

I’ve always believed nutrition is the best beauty treatment and I consider my investments in bone broth and soups from Bronte’s broth bar as a step in this direction. When isolation hit and some people started hoarding, I must admit I bought a few extra of the spinach and bone broth cubes and green soups to keep in the freezer. It's something I hope to continue even with restrictions lifting.

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