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Augustinus Bader’s newest release The Serum is here to supercharge your skincare routine

If you're familiar with cult skincare brand Augustinus Bader, you'll know that it is a brand that doesn't just release products for the sake of it. Since the brand first launched with its signature product, The Cream, every subsequent release has been considered, scientifically-developed and clinically-trialled and tested. So, when the brand does eventually bring something new to the market, you know it will something impressive.

Introducing The Serum, a product that brand fans have been requesting. It's a potent and powerful product that joins the Bader lineup and acts as the missing link, tying the entire suite of products together into one complete routine.


The Serum

As expected from its name, this product is obviously a serum. It's a product designed to come after toning/applying an essence (or after cleansing if you skip the toning step) and before you apply your moisturiser - as explained to me by Melanie Grant, global skincare expert for Augustinus Bader.

This particular serum is designed to supercharge the benefits of The Cream and The Rich Cream. Like the other products in the range, The Serum is powered by the brand's patented TFC8 technology - an invention of Dr Bader's own which encourage cells to repair themselves - but also with a concoction of hydrators, complexion correctors and rejuvenating actives to help encourage and preserve healthy skin.

Hydrated skin is less easily damaged; less prone to pre-mature ageing, and overall just healthier than dehydrated skin. So of course, The Serum is packed with smart and hyper-hydrating ingredients - in particular a polysaccharide moisture complex which rehydrated from with and helps to prevents transepidermal water loss. Then there's the rejuvenating active including rice bran oil, edelweiss, pomegranate seed extract, resveratrol, squalane and vitamin C. All together, these great a potent mix that prioritises skin health and encourages longevity.

As for The Serum itself, it's lightweight and sinks into your skin quickly, even if you've prepped it with The Essence. It's not greasy in any way and leaves you feeling light - never weighed down - even on hot days. Its plumping and hydrating effects are rather immediate. After just a few minutes, you skin feels bouncier, and mine certainly looked it too. The results are even more evident if you apply it at the end of the day.

The anti-ageing benefits obviously are not immediately evident and take time and consistent use to become noticeable. But as with most Bader products, you'll find before and after photos plus links to the studies, trials and more on The Serum product listing on the website.

Just one of its accolades shows that in a 12-week consumer perception study, 93% of participants agreed fine lines and wrinkles appear reduced.


How TFC8 works?

Augustinus Bader the brand takes its name from its founder Dr Augustinus Bader, a German scientist. His work in the area of stem cells yielded a way to trigger the body's stem cells to implement site-specific healing. Of course, this is an ability that the body naturally has that is usually triggered by small wounds.

Bader developed a gel that helped encourage and facilitate this process, allowing the body to heal faster, more efficiently even when it appeared to be damaged beyond repair. It was originally only meant for sites of mass trauma, big wounds or burns where the cells were very damaged. But seeing the opportunity to improve the health of the complexion, this became the launchpad for the TFC8 complex that now powers every Bader product.


The Serum is available to shop through Melanie Grant or through Net-a-Porter.


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