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New Yorker Audrey Nuna made you an isolation playlist

Audrey Nuna isolation playlist

Longing to drive around with your music playing loud? Audrey Nuna knows the feeling. “Every day, I usually drive and listen to music. I can’t do that as much right now, and I miss it so much.” With that in mind, the Korean-American singer, rapper and songwriter has made an isolation playlist to ease the pain. And fortunately for us, she’s willing to share.

2020 was going to be Nuna’s year. Turning 21, going on tour, bringing her cool but heated brand of R&B to the world. The New Jersey raised artist began her New York City life at NYU, before she put her course on hold to focus on her career. A well-informed move, it turns out: she achieved cult status with her breakout single Time - and has been releasing tracks fairly prolifically since. The latest, Long Nightis about “remembering the simpler times with someone who’s just a stranger to you now.”

The lyrics, “havent seen nobody. Its a really long night” feel especially relevant to dancing in ones bedroom right now.

In a good way.

No doubt, these are strange and difficult times - for those in creative industries, perhaps especially. But Nuna’s down for making the best of a tough situation while staying safe inside. As always, music is the answer - to ease the mind, and take it to another setting.

“I made a playlist of songs that give me similar endorphins as driving. They make me move, each in different ways. Head bops, swaying, whatever, I need to move right now,” she tells. “I’ve always loved good music, but these days it feels like an actual necessity to keep me sane. Enjoy.”


Audrey Nuna’s Iso Driving Playlist


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