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Astrologer Nadine Head-Gordon has stars in her eyes

She’s the one who first had us hooked on astrology, taught us what a rising sign is and got us obsessively asking our friends for their exact time of birth. Now, the NYC-based astrologer Nadine Head-Gordon (aka Nadine Jane Astrology) and graphic designer lets us in on her philosophy for all things beauty and health.

My morning beauty routine is 
I can’t start my day without moisturising, so I immediately slap on some Kiehl’s Ultra Facial cream. After working in the beauty industry and experimenting with a lot of makeup products, I have abandoned any form of face makeup. It inevitably makes my skin more angry than anything else, and I’m trying to learn to listen to what my body is telling me. So my makeup routine starts with either Dior Lip Glow in Raspberry or Burt’s Bees Lip Shimmer in Rhubarb. Then if I’m feeling fancy I’ll curl my lashes with Tarte’s Eyelash Curler and build up Glossier’s Lash Slick until I look as doe-eyed as humanly possible. Then my laziness sets in and I’ll move onto breakfast.

My night beauty routine is 
On a daily basis I wash my face with Avène Micellar Lotion cleanser, it’s so mild and gentle for my sensitive and dry skin. If I need a deeper clean, I’ll use BioClarity’s cleanser – it has green tea and chamomile, so it still soothes my easily-irritated skin. Then I moisturise with The Ordinary’s Cold-Pressed Rosehip Seed oil and then seal it off with Kiehl’s Ultra Facial cream.

My favourite products for body are 
Coconut oil. And on occasion, coconut oil with sugar to exfoliate. I mix it up and put it in a sealed jar, and it makes me feel like a holistic beauty queen.

My favourite form of exercise is 
The only activities that have ever stuck for me are swimming and pilates. I find very therapeutic being immersed in water, and in the summer it’s a double-win as it gets me some sun. Pilates gets me in touch with my body, there are very few times in our day that we have to connect all the way from our toes to our head.

When my body needs to recover, I 
Sleep. Sleep. And more sleep. I never guilt myself for sleeping a good 10-12 hours when I need it.

My favourite detox is 
Bone broth and some good old vegetables. I’ve spent a lot of money on so many different ‘cleanses’, and while they work for those two weeks or a month, they never leave me feeling better long term.

My favourite retox is 
Candy. Literally any kind, I don’t discriminate.

When it comes to beauty I always 
Make sure I can laugh and eat in it.

My beauty icon is 
Liv Tyler.

The best advice on beauty I’ve received is 
Don’t fight nature.

The best health advice I’ve received is 
The body keeps the score and it always wins.

The product I can’t live without is 
Dior Lip Glow, it’s crucial for my lazy-girl routine.