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Armadillo x House of Grey’s rug collection wants you to invite the rhythm of nature into your home

Inspired by nature for nature, The Armadillo and House of Grey collaboration wants to bring the tranquility of the outdoors into your home.

Australian-born global rug brand Armadillo has always found beauty in slow manufacturing, choosing sustainable practices and timeless design to counteract 'throwaway culture'. And London-based design practice House of Grey (led by Louisa Grey) is one underpinned by a considered approach - making conscious choices in the home.



So, it feels only natural that these two creative houses would join forces to create a considered collection of interior rugs designed to be treasured forever.

The duo sought to create pieces that celebrate their shared ethos and approach to design - creating spaces that nurture a gentler pace of life. Their belief of minimalism within interiors hopes to offer us both physical and mental space in our homes. Steadying the beat of day-to-day life and helping us tune back into the rhythm of nature.

“It came about quite organically. We have a longstanding collaborative relationship, with Louisa styling several of our previous campaigns, so it felt effortless working together,” says Armadillo co-founder Jodie Fried.



“Beyond an aesthetic appreciation, we both believe in curating meaningful, ever-evolving spaces unswayed by the tastes of the day.”

A quiet approach, Armadillo x House of Grey looks to remove visual distraction from our space but replace them with subtle and sensory experiences. Ones which help to ground us, thus helping to mentally balance us in our busy lives.

“Technology is creating a feeling of mass overwhelm in society. By curating the home into a personal retreat, we feel more at peace with our place in the world and are able to connect deeply with the people around us,” explains Louisa Grey.


The duo's shared sustainability ethics means that this collection is not just kind to our Earth, but it is inspired by the Earth too. Perilune bares a hand-cut arc motif reminiscent of crescent moon. Palus is tactile, a textured finish that reminds us of smooth rock and gravel underfoot. Umbra is Tibetan-knotted from undyed Afghan wool. The natural variations in tone and texture mean every rug is completely unique in the same way you'll never the same slope or valley in a landscape.



Each has been designed with the intention of returning us to a state of calm, one that is closer to the cadence of nature. Crafted with transparent and sustainable processes, each rug is made with carefully-sourced fibres that are meticulously knotted by Armadillo makers. It's a slow and symbiotic process that reflects the true cost of production, and respecting our environment in the process.

Slow down and surrender. You can shop Armadillo x House of Grey online now.


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