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Annalisa Ferraris at Ellery Gallery

The sun cuts a geometric shadow into an empty swimming pool under an ominous sky. Candles are left burning on a table scattered with oyster shells and cigarette butts. They are scenes of abandonment, all echoing a distinctly noir quality despite being rendered in pastel pinks and art deco blues. If you know the work of Sydney-based artist Annalisa Ferraris, it’s a signature you’ll instantly recognise. And if you’re not familiar with the Brett Whiteley Travelling Art Scholarship and the Mosman Art Prize finalist, you soon will be.

Your next chance to get up close to Ferraris’s still lifes, landscapes and ceramics (ashtrays in the shape of empty swimming pools) is at the new Ellery Gallery, opening in partnership with China Heights at the Paddington flagship. Launching October 13 and open the public from 14-26, Ferraris’s is the first of a series of exhibitions at the gallery, with Allie Webb and Otis Hope Carey set to follow. Watch this space.