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Anja Rubik knows change is good

“It’s liberating to be whomever you want and continuously reinvent yourself.” Anja Rubik knows the power of transformation. For the Kérastase Visions of Style II campaign, Rubik goes from rock ‘n’ roll to glamour and we can’t help but be transfixed. Here, Rubik speaks to RUSSH on embracing change and going along for the ride.

The L’Incroyable looks play on the notion that women no longer have to be just one type’ of person every single day. You can change attitudes like you change outfits. Do you think this concept is accurate to describe women in society today?
For me, it’s important to grow and constantly change and evolve. In fashion, you have different seasons and trends. It’s great to be able to mix it up with your own personal style and mood. You can go sleeker at night or more rock ‘n’ roll during the day. This definitely resonates with the modern woman.

“Chopping my hair off was one of the best decisions I made.”

What was your most memorable moment on set of the shoot?
My favorite part of the shoot was seeing myself transform into different women and explore myself through these different personalities and looks. Of course it was such a pleasure working with [hair stylist] Luigi [Murenu], who has been my good friend for many years. He made me feel very comfortable and the whole experience was incredibly fun.

Melanie Ward, who styled the Kérastase shoot, is a close friend of mine who I have known for years. It was really fun and comfortable to be on set with her and play with the outfits and choose certain pieces. I get very involved in every project I do, especially projects that I'm passionate about and campaigns like this that tie in my personality and personal style. We actually ended up using one of my personal pieces for one of the shots - a leather jacket. We wanted to vibe to feel really modern, strong and sexy… I think we definitely achieved that.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever tried with your hair? Do you have any hair regrets?
Chopping my hair off was one of the best decisions I made. At first I was quite nervous to do it, but it felt really liberating and I really loved it so have no regrets. I grew my hair out again because I just felt like changing it up. It's important to constantly reinvent your look to shake things up. Growing it out was a whole journey, I got to experience many lengths and it was fun.