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What does the future of fashion look like in Australia

In partnership with Afterpay


History tells us that there will be an explosion of creativity and self-expression following the 2020 pandemic experience.

Fashion is where society reflects change first.

As we begin to understand what our lives will look like in a post-pandemic world, we see glimpses of what the future could hold.

We are in need of a new movement, one which is all-inclusive, ethical - and most of all sustainable.

Australia is forging its own new path for fashion.

One of the defining moments in our journey will be the 2021 iteration of Australian Fashion Week. With a new headline sponsor and a new plan for expansion and accessibility, our future for fashion in Australia is one that looks bright, joyful and full of hope.

The newly named partner of Australian Fashion Week, Afterpay is giving us a look into a new vision with its latest campaign.

The Afterpay Future of Fashion film shows a future that is accessible, sustainable and diverse. Directed by non-binary and multi-award winning director Cloudy Rhodes and starring a distinct cast of Australian creatives and influencers, this is Australian Fashion renewed. Rhodes’ is a creative who focuses on telling positive and uplifting narratives, celebrating fluidity and championing expression. These are the foundations to help us rewrite our own story.

The all-star collaboration of talent includes hip-hop artist Blessed, model Britt O'Dell, content creator Jadé Tunchy, fashion creator Nawal Sari, streetwear designer Jono Friend and model/designer Agnes Choi as the voices of change.

Fashion should be reflective. Nawal is a Muslim fashion influencer, and for her, fashion is a path to transcend borders and drive a cross cultural conversation. Jadé is down to earth, someone who mixes high-end and accessible fashion and offers a real-life, unfiltered approach to fashion.

"Dressing modestly allows me to respect my beliefs and reflect my personality," says Nawal.

Creativity should show us our future. Blessed is Western Sydney’s Superfly, an alt-hip-hop artist who has just released his debut mixtape Music Is The Medicine via his own label. Agnes is a model and new generation designer that believes in consumption of sincerity, and a sustainable fashion cycle for the future.

“The future of fashion is an explosion of optimism and freshness,” says Blessed. "I feel like fashion as a way of expressing yourself can really celebrate your individuality."

Art should uplift us all. Britt is a model and advocate hailing from Brisbane who uses fashion to inspire her world. Jono Friend is a model, creative and founder of streetwear label Dear Friend, a concept based around friends and community.

These change-makers show that our destination is bright.

Afterpay shows us through its eyes, a democratised and diverse new way. One built on inclusion. A fashion industry that not just inspires us, but reflects us.

“When you don’t feel like you belong in a particular society, fashion is able to give you that external sense of identity,” Agnes shares.

Watch the film below to experience the future of fashion.



The inaugural Afterpay Australian Fashion Week will run from May 31 until June 4 in 2021.

Afterpay, together with organisers IMG, will open the pathway for a new future for our fashion industry. Inclusion is paramount to our journey, so designer participation fees will be waived. Instead designers will now be invited to show on the official AAFW schedule.

As for industry delegates, which includes global media and stockists, these crucial individuals will also have their fees waived in an effort to open up the fashion conversation - ensuring anyone can share a seat at the table.

Fashion has a new name.


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