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After dark: a celebration of Annalisa Ferraris and Noctua

Noctua, China Heights Gallery.

We've long-been fans of Sydney-based artist Annalisa Ferraris, and her talent for turning life's innocuous moments into pieces we covet for our own walls. Unfurled bromeliad leaves rendered against inky blackness, half empty swimming pools that, through Ferraris' brush, appear cinematic. And pinks, always pinks, bleeding into corners of oyster-strewn table tops, ash trays, heart-shaped bath tubs and dusty sunrises gently kissing mountaintops.

On Friday, July 12, China Heights Gallery presents Ferraris' new solo exhibition, Noctua, a collection of her signature moody landscapes and midnight feasts. To celebrate the launch, RUSSH and China Heights hosted an intimate dinner at the gallery with our closest friends and toasted beneath a crystal chandelier, surrounded by blooms that could have been pulled from the paintings themselves (styled by Josephine Kelly). We dined on kingfish ceviche, BBQ spatchcock and wood-roasted rainbow trout courtesy of Nomad Restaurant, and sipped from Riedel and Spiegeleau glassware on Regal Rogue's bold red vermouth, natural whites from Ari's Natural Wine Co. and reds from the Ferraris Estate in Hunter Valley, surrounded by the beauty of Ferraris' imagination.

Noctua is open at China Heights Gallery from July 12 - 20.

Annalisa Ferraris.
Noctua, China Heights Gallery.
From left: Beth Macgraw, Ilkin Kurt and Tessa Macgraw.
Noctua, China Heights Gallery.
From left: Isabella Manfredi and Kitty Callaghan.
From left: Josephine Kelly, Dan Kyle and Victoria Pearson.
From left: Nathan White, Adam Prow and Teneille Sorgiovanni.