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A plate of art: a unique dining experience in Sydney

In a collaboration unlike any we’ve seen before, emerging Sydney artist Neil Tomkins and chef Joey Astorga are bringing artworks to our palate for a unique dining installation. To celebrate Tomkins’s latest paint series, This Dream Called Reality, Astorga looks to native Australian produce to create edible interpretations of the works, worthy of any gallery. Enter: A Plate of Art.

While the two artists create with very dissimilar mediums, their mission is shared. At the heart of the collaboration is a moment of appreciation, for the beauty of Australian landscapes and the flora that it bears. A selection of Tomkins’s paintings will be a treat to the senses, courtesy of Astorga’s skillful hand with delicate plant-based cuisine. Four flora-inspired courses will be experienced by guests, each paired with an organic wine from regional Australian vineyards.

On October 26, and for one night only, A Plate of Art will unfold. Hosted in Paddington’s premier pop-up space, diners will enjoy the exclusive affair accompanied by an installation of the artworks that inspired it, which will continue in exhibition until November 1. Great art and great food? We can’t ask for much more.

A memorable collaboration will always offer something different, greater than the sum of its parts. For Tomkins, it “allows for a deeper insight into [their] individual artistic approaches.” His latest paint series, a departure from his regular style, sees Australian landscapes imagined in new vibrant tones. No doubt Astorga will do the same, in his anticipated culinary creations.

Tickets to the dining experience strictly limited, and are available here.