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A new collaboration from Hermès and Anna-Wili Highfield

Hermès has opened a new luxury boutique in Chadstone - The Fashion Capital, and to celebrate has embarked upon its eighth collaboration with Australian artist Anna-Wili Highfield. In line with the brand's equestrian heritage, Highfield has designed Pegasus, a mechanical sculpture composed of brass, canvas, feathers and exclusive Hermès Barenia leather for the boutique's window. A perfect match, Hermès and Highfield have spent years together, joined by their adoration of all creatures, large and small, from paper wolves to copper ravens. Pegasus is a metamorphosis of her previous works, evoking the spirit of change and evolution that lies at the heart of the French brand. With a true appreciation for the creative process, as Highfield has previously told RUSSH, "If you can see how something was made then it makes you wonder about how it was made more … everybody knows that feeling of creating something and just feeling the electricity of that, and that's the best part for me".

We are all dreaming for an orange box this Christmas and with the new store, we are that little bit closer. Press play to watch Pegasus come to life.