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Don’t sleep on beauty: best of glam from the 2024 Met Gala

The 2024 Met Gala has descended upon us. While we've sunk our talons into the fashion that's circulated on the hallowed steps of the Metropolitan Museum, there's room a plenty to discuss in the countenance department that has left us wide-eyed and very much awake. There's something ethereal about swanning around after a well-rested evening. When our minds wander to the projections of a sleeping beauty, we're drawn to heavy-lidded eyes and a lustrous glow. A fine dusting of rouging and porcelain skin were also replete additions on almost every attendee. Think: how one feels after a particularly lush sleep. This ought to be the occasion to expel 'heroin chic' from our fashion vernacular for the time being - it's a cycle in need of sleep.

Below, we've rounded up the best of beauty from the Met Gala for the nightly-inclined.

Lana in full, thorny bloom with a face full of Charlotte Tillbury.


Elizabeth Debicki's Pat McGrath floral infusion. It's about the skin.


Another Pat McGrath look of unparalleled odds on Zendaya. We are loving the plum accentwork melding with the peacock blue.


A rosy-cheeked Hadid graces the Met flora and fauna.

Tyla's first appearance did not disappoint. Inspired by the 'Sands of Time', she stuck to a burnished coral blush.


Taylor Russell's oak Loewe custom was perfectly complemented by a graphic eye.

Another fairytale romance: Gwendoline Christie's Maison Margiela ensemble with a rose-appled blush.

These wings are lifting us off.

Anok Yai's face card is platinum double-pressed. The light violet shimmer and dusting of highlighter is a touch of the fae.

Ashley Graham in a full face of Revlon. Her make-up artist Ivan Núñez says, “The inspiration behind Ashley Graham’s makeup look was a collaborative effort between both me and Ashley. We wanted ethereal glowing skin with glossy lips and lids to mimic her striking chainmail dress. We enhanced her natural features with luminescent tones while also adding hints of darkness and edge.”

And importantly, Pamela Anderson wearing herself.

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