Destination / Wish You Were Here

Wish you were here: love, Elle

Day by day and night by night we were together – all else has long been forgotten by me. Driving until the city lights are a distant memory and all we can see is sun on sea.

Escape …
Packing the car, heading off and road tripping south of Sydney. Travelling light but probably taking my doona (and a blender). With no bookings or plans we’ll spend a week sleeping where we can. With my newest purchase, the best-ever Céline find from TheRealReal and my must for the beach. Days spent catching up on my subscription and nights spent limoncello in hand.

Essentials …
Keep it to a minimum. Linen shirts, dreamy bodysuits, one or two special jewels to never take off and let’s not pretend I’m not going to spend my entire summer in thongs. Hoping to look like Jacquemus SS 17 but most probably just looking unkept. For the little ones the most perfect Kindje linen rompers. And for beauty? Nothing but sunscreen.

Celebrate …
For New Year’s Eve I’ll be piled into a beachside shack with the dearest of friends. A shower in the kitchen and the toilet out the back but so, so, close to the water you can’t complain. Spending the night drinking espresso martinis and wearing all the things I hoped to receive for Christmas.

What are friends for?