Win with SuperFeast

Health and radiance from the inside-out, courtesy of SuperFeast. Medicinal Mushrooms are having a moment, derived from a class of herbs called Tonic Herbs (or Adaptogens) – proven to help support all the major systems in the body, and in some cases prevent ageing, generate inner and outer radiance and increase energy levels as well.

Together with SuperFeast, RUSSH is offering readers the chance to win a restorative, health, beauty and energy-boosting pack of Tonic Herbs & Medicinal Mushrooms, valued at $504. The pack includes Tremella (the anti-ageing mushroom), JING (the ultimate blend of tonic herbs for nourishing your kidneys and adrenals), Reishi (the famed mushroom of immortality), Chaga (for boosting immunity), He Shou Wu (an energy boosting, hormone balancing tonic herb), Beauty Blend (tonic herbs for an inside-out glow) and Mason’s Mushrooms (a powerful blend of eight of the world’s paramount medicinal mushrooms).

Simply tell us below in 25 words or less why you should win a SuperFeast Tonic Herbs and Medicinal Mushrooms pack, valued at $504, before September 24 for your chance to win.

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