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Getting ready for The Sapphire 2024 dinner with Victoria Lee

There are people you meet who radiate a quiet determination, a resolve that inspires action. Model and avid environmentalist Victoria Lee is one such person. Her dedication to environmental stewardship is unwavering. This quiet strength, perhaps stems from a deep connection to the natural world, something bigger than oneself. In Lee's case, that connection is her passion for the vast expanse of our environment, felt from a very young age when growing up in Narrandera, rural New South Wales. A devotion that has made Victoria Lee an advocate for conserving our environment, and as she prepares for The Sapphire Project's annual dinner, to educate and fundraise for the Great Barrier reef, it becomes resolute why she's a representative for the cause.



Meeting in her hotel room, the sun has set, and the crispness of the air is sharp. Getting ready, she reaches for a selection of delicate pieces from the latest Tiffany & Co. Lock collection, from Tiffany Icons, gravitating towards the yellow gold diamond pave selections. Lee highlights Tiffany & Co.'s shares a commitment to environmental responsibility with The Sapphire Project, bringing awareness to a critically under-funded area of ocean conservation. "I'm proud to stand with Ian Thorpe, Tiffany & Co., and others who are making a real difference through The Sapphire Project," Lee says.



The Sapphire dinners dress code 're-use, re-cycle', encourages guests to actively indulge in the conversation and conservation beyond the ocean and into their attire. Lee chooses a look from the Dior vaults, the Bar Jacket, originally launched in 1947. At the time, the Dior Bar Jacket ushered in a new feminine glamour away from the wartime austerity, a fitting choice, as Lee herself and the event ahead ushers a force that compels action.


If it wasn't prevalent enough before, Lee's belief that collective action is key to protecting our oceans and fostering a harmonious coexistence with nature, ensuring a healthy future for all, is what lead to her being a longtime supporter of The Sapphire Project. Since their inception in 2021. Commenting on the current state of The Great Barrier Reef, she says "this year has been devastating for the Reef, the worst we've ever seen". Cyclones, floods, starfish outbreaks, and now another global coral bleaching event have all taken their toll. "But it's not too late. Positive change is possible, if we act now." And as only "less than two per cent of donations in Australia go to the environment and even less goes towards our oceans. The Sapphire Project raises funds and provides critical support for organisations working to protect and conserve our precious oceans and coral reefs. That’s why I wanted to help in any way that I can.”



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