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For the astrology obsessed – Vans has created a zodiac-inspired shoe

Vault by Vans Zodiac

If you or one of your friends is more than a little obsessed with the world of astrology, you'll be happy to know there are plenty of way to show your love.

The last few years has brought wave of astrology-inspired homewares, jewellery and clothing. And keep them coming as far as we're concerned. We love any way that we can incorporate a little more zodiac zen into our lives. As such, we are rather excited about the latest release from Vans. The vintage-inspired sub-label Vault by Vans has created a reworked version of its iconic OG Authentic LX; one which has been inspired by star signs. The classic black and white shoe acts as a canvas for the name of all the signs of the of the zodiac. You'll see 'Aquarius', 'Virgo', 'Leo' and more splashed across the shoe in graphic embroidered writing.

Good news, this shoe is actually part of a pack which includes apparel and accessories - including a coat, a hoodie, a tee, tote and even a bucket hat. So you can outfit yourself in astrology top-to-toe if you should so please.


Vault by Vans Zodiac pack

Vault by Vans collaborated with Swedish-based designer Johannes Wieser to create this unusual shoe and the apparel collection. Johannes reimagined some of his artworks and applied the design to the pieces in the pack. The collaboration and designs all started with one t-shirt, and the ideas flowed from there, expanding into what Johannes has called "an entire universe".

The apparel pieces from the Zodiac pack are all 100 percent cotton. A OG-style chore coat has a reversible print and a custom, woven label. The hoodie and tee feature glow in the dark and puff ink. And just like the coat, the bucket hat is also reversible, but printed on canvas. Finally, the tote bag comes with an internal drop pocket and a unique woven label.

This pack is available only at selected location, but it is available now. The Vans website recommends contacting the stores to discuss availability.


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