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Is pop culture embracing big beefy boys again?

big beefy boys

There is a certain sort of man who has been dominating pop culture in recent years. He might have a French name or maybe he's dated a French actress. Perhaps he's in possession of spectacularly angular limbs, hails from Staten Island and wears peculiar clothes. Or maybe he has a keen interest in art, and music, and Sartre, and um, lacto-fermentation. Well, the vibe shift is coming for them, we're sorry to inform you.

What's our evidence? Only, Taylor Swift and Bella Hadid's latest romances, your honour. The former is single-handedly boosting the NFL's viewership after she struck up a relationship with Kansas City Chiefs tight end (yes, that's actually what his position is called) Travis Kelce and has attended every game, since. Meanwhile, Hadid was seen making out with literal cowboy, Adan Banuelos, in Fort Worth, Texas which we think is the perfect excuse to jump back in the saddle for our certified horse girl.

What do these two hunks have in common, besides their American passports? A competitive streak and a love of professional sport, from what we can gather. More importantly, they're the pit-stop-bathroom-break-final-destination-maybe after both women exited long term relationships to notably lean, alternative types. It not just these two either, Zoe Kravitz began dating Channing Tatum after her divorce from Karl Glusman. Which has a girl wondering, are big beefy boys a silent rebellion against this masculine archetype? Are jocks the answer to a broken heart? Have we somehow come full circle? Is this just the Ken effect?

Who knows? But we'll take any excuse to hit the accelerator on our obsession with rugby-loving Irish hunk Paul Mescal, or everyone's favourite Chicago chef Jeremy Allen White. Just think of the dating potential within The Iron Claw cast? Woof.

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