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Are we about to see a sexy, nudity-filled ‘The Lord of the Rings’ TV show?


Given the length of each book in The Lord of the Rings series and the sheer size of the plot and all sub-plots, the trilogy makes much more sense as a television series.

Even though each of Peter Jackson's frankly excellent film adaptations did the best job they could at condensing the intricate plot into three hours, much was missed. It's impossible to include it all unless you have many hours and many seasons, and it looks like that's exactly what we'll be getting.

And Amazon will be the driver behind this new project. Realistically, this studio one of the only companies with the resources to pull off something this epic. Especially since early reports suggest the series will cost $1 billion to make.

If you're worried that this means the project will lose its charm and authenticity, let me assuage your fears by letting you know that filming is once again happening in Middle Earth aka New Zealand. And a New Zealand-based talent agency is in charge of casting the series. As such, the aesthetics should be relatively true to the film adaptations.

One difference as pointed out by The Cut, the casting call states that actors “must be comfortable with nudity.” Likewise, Amazon Studios has reportedly employed an intimacy coordinator, someone to specifically oversee nude and sex scenes to ensure all parties are safe and comfortable during the filming.

So, are we about to see some hot hobbits? Some sexy elves? Some DTF dwarves? Maybe we'll finally see the sexual tension between Legolas and Gimli come to a head? We don't know for sure, but my spidey senses tell me that Aragorn and Arwen's relationship is about to go well passed PG. Especially since the plot looks to be a prequel series. Potentially one that focuses on a young Aragorn. Although other rumours suggest it will be set around the time Sauron forged the One Ring.

Plans for the new TV adaptation were announced months ago but kept relatively quiet. Amazon has actually already begun filming the series but was required to shut down production for a significant portion of the year due to New Zealand's coronavirus restrictions. Production started back up around July and the show is slated for a 2021 release.

Watch this space.

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