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Yes Chef! Back in the heat of the kitchen, the internet is ablaze with hot takes on S3 of ‘The Bear’

Carmy has emerged from the walk-in fridge. As season 3 has released to a flurry of momentum, there's a lot to catch up on since we've last seen the culinary crew tackle an armload of ongoing conflict, or just a mean sous vide. Change is rife: Carmy might be potentially behind bars. The menu at the restaurant is changing at a breakneck pace. The farm-to-table produce is racking up more eye-watering bills, even while Carmy's debts remain very much in arrears. There's grief in spades, with a monologue that's moved everyone in the kitchen to tears. Richie is in the throes of yet another mental breakdown. Natalie is wresting with the concept of motherhood, in theory and in practice. Carmy's keeping his lid on as chef, but his battles with nicotine are a different beast altogether. And there's heated discussion of... orwellian butter? You read that right.

Online, everyone's in for the ride together. Is The Bear even a romance show at this point? What's the significance of the aptly titled opening episode, 'Tomorrow'? Did we all catch Ayo Edebiri's directorial debut wedged in the middle of the season? Have we ordered our ubereats and donned our armchair chef's pouf in preparation of shouting about burned sauces from the couch?

Ahead, we take you through the peaks and valleys of The Bear Season 3. This is exactly what the internet has to say about about the debut of The Bear season 3. Time to tuck in.



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