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Sydney Festival 2017

The moon is staying in the trees chaining down on you and me, it’s summertime. With this summer’s heat comes a slew of music icons – think Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds and PJ Harvey, announced today as headline acts for the 2017 Sydney Festival.

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Get away with Merlette

Feel the sun on your skin. Merlette is for the girl accustomed to balancing life between the city and beach, late nights and early mornings. Sydney-born designer Marina Cortbawi founded Merlette in New York this year with the modern traveller in mind – resulting in a collection of refined feminine shapes with contemporary ease.

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National Art School Open Day

“I dream of painting and then I paint my dream.” – Vincent van Gogh.
Sydney’s National Art School is offering a chance to see what your life as an artist might look like in reality with its open day on September 3.

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Bartolomeo Celestino at Olsen Irwin, Sydney

The ocean, without orientation by shore or horizon, is a perennial shape shifter – a thing of constant of flux – living, morphing, never repeating. Without context or bearing, the surface landscape of the sea becomes whatever the moment tells us it is – an abstraction of nature disjunct from its typical frame of reference. Art photographer Bartolomeo Celestino has been revisiting a particular spot on Sydney’s coast with his large-format camera and pointing its lens at the vastness below, day in, day out, for years.