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Is Sydney Adamu from ‘The Bear’ our new style icon?

For a show about cooking (and yelling), The Bear has always strangely had pretty close ties with the world of fashion. From Carmy gifting Sydney those Thom Browne chef whites in season 2, to the frenzy of people tracking down the basic white t-shirts Jeremy Allen White wears (according to show creators, they're a mix of Velva SheenMens Brando shirts, and the Supreme white Hanes).

But in season 3 we saw Ayo Edebiri's character, Sydney Adamu, graduates from her kitchen-wear to something a little more chic – at least in our opinion. Never mind how she's affording vintage Ralph Lauren and SS24 Commes des Garcons on her $70k per year salary, it's a plot hole we're happy to overlook if it means we can keep getting some looks served alongside the The Bear's dishes.

Sadly, a few of the things she wears across seasons 2 and 3 are sold out or difficult to find now, but if you were wondering where to get any of her outfits from the show, then we're here to share the facts, some shop-able links for similar (or exact) items. We can only hope that season 4 might continue the fashion fantasy in 2025...


Season 2, Episode 5

Sydney wears Rag & Bone Maxine Button-down Shirt (this particular style is sold out, but there are very similar styles of the Rag & Bone Maxine on Revolve).


Season 2, Episode 9

Sydney wears Paloma Wool Hokusai Jacket and this ETSY pillow headscarf in black.


Season 3, Episode 5

Sydney wears a Haik's Women's Small Jean Jacket Denim Quilted Corduroy, which you can find variations of on Ebay, over a pair of Carhartt Brewster Double Front Railroad Striped Bib Overalls.


Season 3, Episode 7


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Sydney dresses in Comme des Garcons SS24 Sailor Jacket and Hakama Pants.


Season 3, Episode 10

Sydney wears Warehouse Satin Twill Shell Top and black Ganni Bou Bag.


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