What you need to know about the Strawberry Full Moon in Capricorn this June

Full Moon in Capricorn

The June Full Moon reaches its fullest point on 22 June 2024 at approximately 11:07am AEST, just a day out from the solstice.

This particular Full Moon is named the Strawberry Moon, and its somewhat of a misnomer. The Moon certainly does not turn strawberry pink, rather the name comes from colonial American, Native American and European sources. Falling around the beginning of summer for those in the Northern Hemisphere, this Moon would herald the arrival of ripe strawberries and other fruits ready for picking.


What happen when the Full Moon occurs at the solstice?

It will be a unique Moon for both those in the Northern and Southern hemispheres as this particular Moon occurs at the time of the solstice. The Full Moon only coincides with the solstice about once every 19 or 20 years, so it is a relatively rare occurrence for the two to line up. For those on Australian Eastern Time, the winter solstice occurs on 21 June, meaning the Full Moon comes just a day after.

Why is this significant? Well, the summer and winter solstices affect the way we see the Moon's placement in the sky. At the winter solstice, the Moon is seen at its highest point in the sky, whereas during the summer solstice, the Moon sits at its lowest point. The lower the Moon sits in the sky, the bigger it appears to be. So, those in experiencing the summer solstice will see a striking and bright spectacle as the Sun sets and the Moon rises. If you're experiencing a winter solstice, the Moon will rise until it hits the highest point in the sky it will reach all year, casting a ghostly glow across the whole sky.


What to expect from the Full Moon in Capricorn

Full Moons can be chaotic. As the peak of the Moon Cycle, moods are running high, tempers can be short and energy for both work and socialising is strong. With the Moon and Sun in opposition, as they always are during the Full Moon, there can be push and pull, almost a restless energy felt within yourself. This can also be a time of new realisations, a moment of illumination where the hidden influences at work are finally exposed for you to deal with. Full Moon can be both highly transformative and completely exhausting.

As this Moon comes to us in Capricorn, it will be a grounding and pragmatic experience. Capricorn is notably linked to work, both your professional career but also your hobbies and reputation. This no-time-to-fuss-about sign can offer a guiding influence that offer help with prioritisation and finding true comfort in any work you engage in. You'll feel compelled to keep yourself busy whether that be with tending to a herb garden, plowing through a new book series or finding pride in smashing your goals at work. Enjoy this renewed sense of discipline while it lasts.

Do not be tempted to interpret these influences as ones that will keep you housebound. If you know any Capricorns, you'll know that these folks are secret party animals. As much as they work hard, they play hard too. You'll have just as much energy for late nights as you do for pragmatic and wholesome pursuits. This Full Moon will be a moment to embrace this burst of new found energy and throw yourself head first into working on the things that make you happy.


How to approach the Full Moon in Capricorn

The core piece of advice to hold onto at this time: don't burn the candle at both ends. It may seem like a bright idea to come into work at 7am and then head out for drinks after, but do this too many nights in a row and you'll find yourself burnt out. You can only borrow so much energy from the next day until you completely run out. As much as you'll feel inspired to take on anything and everything, remember that you will need to plan for a little bit of down time.

Also, be aware than Capricorn has more in common with its opposing sign Cancer than you might think. Capricorn is sensitive and easily emotionally wounded. With the Sun in Cancer, already making us more emotional than normal, a Capricorn Moon can heighten our sensitivities even further. To add fuel to the fire, the Moon is squaring off against Neptune, a rather teary and tense aspect. Now is not the time to say anything that could be misconstrued. Avoid dry comments and making insensitive jokes, lest you offend the people around you or have an even more cutting remark thrown back at you. Take extra care in how you deliver feedback or criticism, and remember that a kind word costs nothing. Instead, try to be gentle with those around you, and also especially with yourself. Kindness is good for the soul.

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Image: Jack Taylor on Unsplash




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