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Back to earth with Spirit Natural Clothing

We're more demanding than ever of the clothes we select each day. Gone is the age of ignorant shopping, and 'sustainability' is more than just an industry buzzword used to sell us garments - it's become something we actively seek out when building a modern wardrobe. Enter Snowy Mountains-based Spirit Natural Clothing, a brand whose aim is to make transparent connections between the clothes we wear and the places they come from.

With a collection of hemp jeans and other natural fibre classics, the label originated primarily as a vehicle for change. "I wasn’t seeing what I wanted in the market," says co-founder Tom Osborne, "contemporary, well designed, durable classics made from hemp, superior to cotton in so many ways - less water usage, pesticide free, breathable, durable. So I decided to solve the problem I could see myself ... utilitarian, unisex garments that will wear in with you. There’s no blending with synthetics or stretch, so they’ll last longer and can be repaired, and even re-plant dyed, so they’ll gain personality as they age," he explains. "We’re not trying to rewrite the book here - it’s simple stuff but it’s true to us. We live on a biodynamic farm, and are trying to create a life and products that we’re proud of." Spirit Natural Clothing's launch film is produced and directed by filmmaker Sammy Hawker.