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SOPHIE’s latest and final album will be a posthumous celebration of her life

The late SOPHIE has held down the title of queer visionary long before and after her passing. With years of practice as a producer, performer and trans activist, the hyperpop star's final project will be releasing later this fall. After an untimely incident in Athens in 2021, the performer has incited a wave of celebration for her art-love practice. SOPHIE's body of work spoke for itself. From a self-released start in 2010 to becoming an in-demand collaborator as the artist's artist, her work defied genres and convention. She soon rose in prominence, netting the likes of Madonna, Lets Eat Grandma, Charli XCX, Vince Staples, Kanye West, MØ and Kim Petras.

Her work in collaboration marked some of the artists' most transgressive works. Madonna's Bitch I'm Madonna from her Rebel Heart album and Charli XCX's brash hyperpop anthem Vroom Vroom come to mind as sonic greats that SOPHIE was responsible for mastering. In her own discography, It's Okay to Cry and Immaterial provide pulsating beats of the artist's unmistakeable sound. SOPHIE chronicles the sound of liberation.

Her music is one of indeterminacy, of club highs and queer celebrations. In the lead-up to her final project, this is what to know about her latest LP.


Who will be producing SOPHIE?

Long-time collaborator Benny Long is responsible for bringing this project to fruition. As SOPHIE's studio manager, friend and producer, Long will has previously worked on her debut album, OIL OF EVERY PEARL’S UN-INSIDES.

In a statement regarding the release of the LP, Long says, "This album has always told the story of Sophie’s musical journey, a cacophony of skill and creative vision, eclipsing time and genre. Her unique sound world moves at an emotional level. She encourages the listener to intuitively embrace the ever-evolving landscape of light and dark, soft and hard, to the end of self-love and joyful self-acceptance. Emphasizing contradictions of sound and material, Sophie’s work supersedes the pure aural to create the dimension she dreamed of.”

The lead single from the SOPHIE LP, titled Reason Why features BC Kingdom and Kim Petras. It has been released accompanying the announcement of the album.


When will the 'SOPHIE' LP be released?

The album will release on the 27th of September. We will let you know where you can get your hands on your own copy, soon.


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