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All the best skincare experts to follow on Instagram

How long do you spend each day thinking about beauty? Maybe you rush out the door without a second thought to it. Maybe you start each day with a carefully curated skincare routine and are routinely googling or asking friends for advice. Do you have questions about individual products? How exactly to treat that patch of dry skin? And what is truth and what is marketing when it comes to beauty?

Instagram has opened up the divide between experts and our everyday lives. We can now follow an internationally accredited dermatologist. Every celebrity’s favourite facialist is now speaking to you via IGTV. Cosmetic chemists are now no longer only accessible to multi-million dollar brands with research departments. They’re sharing their knowledge through instagram captions. Journalists share their research and subsequent articles with their audience by way of the swipe up function. 

So, here we have rounded up just a few of the skincare experts, scientists, journalists, chemists to be found on Instagram. 


The Myth Busters

@jessicadefino_ - perhaps my favourite beauty insider to follow on Instagram. For skincare advice that has little to do with products. 

@labmuffinbeautyscience - dispelling beauty myths with facts. 

@rossmacdougald - with 20+ years of experience as a cosmetic chemist formulating for international beauty brands, Ross is now dispelling beauty myths here. 

@theskinnerd - your questions answered. 


The Facialists from your feed

@drbarbarasturm - founder of her eponymous skincare line, Dr. Barbara Sturm’s account is packed with skincare advice and IGTV discussions on health, beauty and products.  

@joellecioccoparis - biochemist, cosmetologist and owner of her own line of skincare, Paris based Joelle is a wealth of knowledge with over 40 years experience. 

@shanidarden - L.A.’s favourite celebrity facialist and owner of her own skincare line. 

@joannaczechofficial - esthetician and skincare brand consultant. Joanna is trusted industry wide. 

@labeautyologist - Nayamka Roberts-Smith or “the internet’s esthetician” and the creator of the 60 Second Rule. (where you wash your face for a full 60 seconds to allow the product to work effectively). 

@carolinehirons - facialist and skincare expert follow Caroline’s IGTV for news and information. 


The cosmetic chemists 

@kindofstephen - skincare and cosmetic formulator explaining the ins and outs of skincare. 

@chemist.confessions - after working within the skincare industry Gloria Lu and Victoria Fu realised it was all “smoke and mirrors”. Which led to Chemist Confessions which aims to make the science behind our skincare “fun and approachable”. 

@ms_hannah_e - scientist and skincare lover here you’ll find reviews and explainers of all your favourite products. 


Dermatologists for sound advice

@drdavinlim - trained dermatologist, Dr Davin Lim’s account is full of useful information, myths debunked and tips for homecare. 

@brownskinderm - dermatologist and educator focusing on skin of colour. 

@drsambunting - founder of London based skincare clinic and regular presenter in the media - tune into her instagram for all your questions answered. 

@sheereeneidriss - board certified dermatologist based in NYC, Dr. Shereen Idriss provides before and after explainers and insights on treatments for her followers. 


There’s change in the air

@drjasondiamond - who knew there was such a thing as ‘celebrity plastic surgeons’ but there is and this is him. Treating all the celebrities you know and love. 

@drjosephhkeik - for a more local option, Dr Joseph Hkeik is often whispered and passed through circles as the one to visit. Find him at Double Bay’s All Saints Clinic. 


Product reviews from those in the know

@theskincareedit_ - tutorials, cheat sheets, reviews on all your favourite products. 

@gelcream - product reviews accompanied by pretty pictures. You’ll find no ads or partnerships here. 

@re_issue - explaining ingredients, products, how to use them and when. 

@natalieasmyth - in depth product reviews and skincare advice. 

@salihughes - journalist, broadcaster and author Sali Hughes reports and talks on all things beauty.