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Isabelle Huppert is ‘Sidonie in Japan’, and this is everything to know about it…

The formidable Isabelle Huppert is never done with her work. A ghost story. A meditation of grief. A famous recluse. With the latest, a dreamy meditation of time, solitude and the supernatural come to head against the Japanese coastline and urban swath. Sidonie in Japan has dropped across all theatres, and to get ahead of the curve, these are the details to know before you click book at your local cinema. Below, find out all you need to uncover about the cast, crew, and trailer of Sidonie in Japan.


What is Sidonie in Japan about?

Isabelle Huppert takes on the title role, of a shut-in novelist. She is also a widow, forced out of retirement to promote the republishing of her work. Romance springs from surprising avenues between Sidonie and her publicist Kenzo. As they voyage across Japan, the pair uncovers connection amidst surprise visits from old ghosts. Not saying who, but guesses are welcome.

The film follows the same alchemy of films before it like Lost in Translation and Drive My Car for its retrospective, dream-like approach to foreigners bumbling around in Japan. The film satirises this through Huppert's masterful performance. Sidonie, haunted and clumsy, is oblivious to the cultural intricacies of the country she wades through. Together, the pair come to understand that the rite of moving on is a ham-fisted one, but that relinquishment holds greater joy.


Who is producing the film?

Director Élise Girard has helmed the film. Huppert will star across Tsuyoshi Ihara, who plays her publicist and North Star guide. Huppert herself operates as an auto-fictional guide, as photos of the actress from her past surface in-plot. Huppert's illustrious career is actioned in service of the movie, and as a famous recluse herself, viewers can probe for the connection in the performance bridging the fictive with the real.


Where can I watch Sidonie in Japan? 

The film is out across all cinemas in Australia.


Watch the trailer, here


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