Psychological x-ray vision: your Scorpio horoscope for 2021


Psychological X-Ray Vision

October 23 - November 21

Scorpio, you navigate reality with a deeply transformative and often intense bandwidth that leaves most people in your wake. Your natural growth cycles see you often outgrowing and shedding skin, making way for new emanations of self. This year offers opportunities for you to navigate your being right at the roots of who you are.

Saturn’s entry into your fourth house marks the beginning of a three-year journey of naturally surveying your relationship to home. Consider the home environment you grew up in and the accompanying beliefs and conditioning you received here, as well as the emotional sanctuary you have created within yourself and the physical home you now live in.

Saturn in the fourth house is a profound placement as far as surveying all of who you are when no-one else is around – it’s contacting the bare-bones version of you. Now you stand as the architect of your life with the blueprints of your foundational self in front of you. What works, what feels strong and true? What conditioning feels more like a limitation to the true expression and experience of You? Being in Aquarius (in your fourth house), presents a cerebral exercise more than an emotional one. With your natural abilities to face and explore the shadow side of self and reality, you can go into these depths with the fearlessness of self-discovery which is your highest Scorpio expression.

At the same time, Jupiter also navigates this territory, so while you are at the drawing board, surveying what has been and strengthening the deepest parts of self, utilise Jupiter’s broad perceptual lens and cast visions on what the next chapter of your life can be as you have the Saturnian element of practical application to turn vision into reality.


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