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RMS Beauty’s Rose-Marie Swift on mastering the industry

Those coloured pots have reached cult-worthy status – a favourite in almost everyone’s beauty bag. Here, Rose-Marie Swift of RMS Beauty shares her personal favourites and career highlights.

My breakthrough career moment was …
My shoot in 2009 for Self Service magazine with the photographer Mario Sorrenti. We shot an 18-page beauty story of all the famous models at the time with Luigi Murenu doing hair. The story was so beautiful and is still one of my favourite shoots to this day.

The top five most useful products backstage/ on set are …
My number one most useful product is my RMS Beauty Coconut Cream – nothing is worse than not being able to remove some of the chemical-laden cosmetics from a model’s faces as they run from show to show. The cream works so incredibly well and, most importantly, doesn’t irritate the model’s eyes or skin.
I also have to have a good eyelash curler on hand.
RMS Beauty Living Luminizer give[s] the fastest, most realistic glow without the chemicals or tacky glitter.
RMS Beauty Oil is another must-have, it works wonders on every part of the skin and helps heal and ease most skin problems quickly.
RMS Beauty “Un” Cover-up as it covers without caking and drying. I hate dry looking makeup on the skin and under the eyes.  That is a recipe for disaster and always means the need for re-touching.

The product(s) most worth the investment are …
Our RMS Beauty Oil – it is loaded with some of the best anti-oxidant, enzyme and vitamin-rich properties, as well as adaptogenic herbs that balance the skin. I don’t believe in price gouging my customers, so we’ve done our best to ensure this oil is well-priced for most customers

My biggest beauty trick/ tip is …
My makeup philosophy is definitely ‘less is more’ – simple but true!

My favourite career memory/ highlight is …
The wonderful personalities and beautiful faces I have worked on throughout the years – I really do love my job.

My advice to people getting started in the industry is …
Learn to master a beautiful, natural skin and makeup look and you will have it made – that is where the money is. Go easy on the creative aspect to start with as that has to be mastered with the best model, photographer, light and expertise or it just looks wrong. Remember, if it isn’t 100 per cent and you have it in your book, it reflects badly on the fact that you don’t have a good eye for good work. Without taste you go nowhere.

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