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Robert Pattinson is back… and this time he’s starring in the remake of 1980s cult classic, ‘Possession’

Robert Pattinson can never shy away from a good story. We've seen him ensnare the hearts from his Cedric Diggory days, to putting on that ingenious performance as legendary Cullen bloodsucker of our tween fantasies, to starring across Willem Dafoe in black and white and even taking on the mantle of Batman, with his own brooding take on the caped hero. Now, after a brief hiatus following the birth of his first child with Suki Waterhouse, Pattinson is returning to the big screens. Doused with a hearty serving of horror, Pattinson is taking on the cult classic Possession, but the internet isn't entirely happy about it. Below, this is everything you need to know about the Possession remake and the original film which inspired it.


What is Possession about?

Created by Andrzej Żuławski, Possession follows Sam Neill and Isabella Adjani who are an embittered husband and wife from West Berlin. Espionage, marital infidelity and murder are the starting points of the film, which accelerate with the presence of an extraterrestrial, tentacles and more. There's doppelgangers and the brink of disaster to come back from. The film has been reclaimed as a Gen Z classic in the 'Female Rage' category, following the lead of Gone Girl, Girl Interrupted, and Little Women. Adjani's performance in particular strikes the perfect balance of mania and revelry.


Who else is involved in the remake of Possession?

Pattinson has joined forces with filmmaker Parker Finn in bringing the remake to life. The pair will also contribute as co-producers, with the movie marked in early developmental stages. Pattinson will most likely portray husband 'Mark'.


What's the reception to the remake?

The camp has been split. While showrunners are convinced of its potential, longtime devotees of the original material are less convinced. The internet is convinced that a remake might not do the first film justice. I mean, why tamper with perfection?


We'll have to sit on our hands and tongues before we find out.


When will it be released?

There has been no word of a potential release date. The film is currently ensnared in a franchising bid-off between juggernauts like A24, Netflix, Paramount, Sony, and Warner Bros. Casting has also yet to be finalised. We wouldn't get our hopes up anytime soon, but we'll report back here once we're in the loop.


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