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Rosamund Pike is a powerhouse as Marie Curie in the ‘Radioactive’ trailer

Radioactive Rosamund Pike

Marie Curie is undeniably one of most brilliant and celebrated scientists in human history. Now her story is being told on film in an epic biopic called Radioactive.

Her enduring legacy has made the impossible, possible. Her discovery of 'radioactivity' and the element radium and polonium have formed the basis of many crucial discoveries in both physics and chemistry. She was the woman to win a Nobel Prize and was first person ever to win the Nobel Prize twice.

Now, her story is being told in film.

In the 1870s, Academy Award Winner Rosamund Pike plays Curie. The story follows as her through her life, documenting her discoveries and her partnership and marriage to fellow scientist Pierre Curie. The bold depictions shows how she changed nearly everything we knew about science up to that point and how she shaped the future of humanity.

Watch the trailer for Radioactive below.

Radioactive is in theatres from November 5 here in Australia - one of the many exciting releases coming at the end of 2020.

It's a story that is particularly relevant to our current moment. A story of how hard facts need to work to triumph over fiction. A story of the fight to be recognised, acknowledged and appreciated regardless of gender.


Radioactive Rosamund Pike


Marie Curie was a pioneer who offered our civilisation the means to advance. During the World War I, she developed and invented a portable X-Ray service to assist field hospitals. And it was her co-authored paper on the effect of radium - which showed how diseased, tumour cells were destroyed faster than healthy ones when exposed to the element - that served as the basis the cancer treatments we use today.

This movie shows transformative effects and ensuing fallout of the Curies’ work and how this shaped the defining moments of the 20th Century. The film also stars Sam Riley, Katherine Parkinson, Simon Russell Beale and Anya Taylor-Joy.


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