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A night in NYC with Paris Georgia

Paris Georgia

On Tuesday, November 1, Paris Mitchell Temple and Georgia Cherrie of Paris Georgia hosted an intimate dinner in New York's Waverly Inn to celebrate the launch of Collection 06 alongside stylist and force of fashion, Gabriella Karefa-Johnson.

Dressed head-to-toe in signature Paris Georgia pieces and some newness from Collection 06, guests and friends of the brand included Lara Worthington, LORDE, Paloma Elsesser, Coco Baudelle, Lilah Summer, Ava Claire, Tonne Goodman, Helena Christensen, and more.

"Gabriella is a long time friend, supporter and muse of Paris Georgia. Gabriella is the true embodiment of our definition of muse. A strong, warm and honest leader whose voice and vision we admire wholeheartedly. Her presence is commanding and her captivating energy is so uniquely hers. An advocate for change and diversity, she isn't afraid to speak her truth," Georgia Cherrie said of the evening. "She's a visionary, and we couldn't be more proud to be partnering with her."

"As a gift to guests we wanted to bring an element of our home to theirs. Inspired by our favourite place in Aotearoa New Zealand – a small secluded beach on the Coromandel Peninsula known locally as Whau Whau. New Zealand maker, Tana Mitchell created a limited edition incense holder made from driftwood collected from Whau Whau beach, lovingly cast in bronze and hand-finished," she continued. "The bespoke incense holder is paired with ‘Grounded’, an incense crafted by Los Angeles based New Zealander Emily L'Ami of Bodah. Made in Japan. Each gift is wrapped in repurposed fabric from the collection, in a custom Paris Georgia colour we named ‘sea’ which felt perfectly fitting. Alongside a hard copy of our muses series, shot by Marfa Journals - Alexandra Gordienko."

Below, see more details from the intimate evening at the Waverly Inn with Paris Georgia.

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