Fashion / Style

P.Johnson for Client Liaison

This band doesn’t fear its own vibrations. The physical aesthetic of Client Liaison, aka Harvey Miller and Monte Morgan - accompanied onstage by Tom Tilley and Geordie Miller - is the perfect example of an act wholly embodying their sound, their synth-laden tracks as nostalgic and dripping with late 80s and 90s influences as their on-stage threads and flamboyant curls.

Where past outfits might have been found in vintage stores, this time it’s personal – a recent collaboration saw P.Johnson Tailors, with help from designer Kirsty Barros, bringing Client Liaison’s dream performance ensembles to life. Cut to mimic the gaudy tycoons embodied by Michael Douglas in Wall Street and De Niro’s Goodfella’s wardrobe, the suits feature monogrammed initials tucked away beneath collars and only one caveat: the bigger the shoulder pads, the better. Immaculately groomed, soaked in pastels and selling every second of it; welcome to the world of our love.