What to expect from the October New Moon 2020

New Moon October

New Moons are a time of refresh and rebirth - and it's the energy we truly need right now.

October 2020 is an intense month. Astrologically this month is pack to the brim; two full moons, one of which falls on the eve of Halloween, a Mars Retrograde and a Mercury Retrograde. To say that October is chaotic is an understatement.

But Friday October 16 bring us a calming and refreshing New Moon. A welcome reprieve we'll feel across the middle days of this month.

This particular New Moon falls in the sign of Libra, the sign of diplomacy and balance. It's a bright spot in the tidal wave of tension the rest of the stars have for us at the present. And this energy could help us find equilibrium and deal with the onslaught of intensity we're currently experience.

Unfortunately, the Moon's current placement will form tense angles with Mars and Saturn, which has the potential to unearth resentment and aggression. To add fuel to fire, this particular New Moon will be the closest physically to our Earth in 2020, increasing the magnitude of its energy. It could be a recipe for anxiety and rage.

But this perfect storm can be avoided. Open yourself up fully to the energy from Libra lunation. Consciously invite in the balance and rebirth it brings and you'll be able to fight off the negative pulls the rest of the sky has in store for us.

We spoke to astrologer Jules Ferrari for advice on how to handle Mercury Retrograde and she was clear - we need to have self-agency during these times. Understanding celestial influences means we can work with them and help lead to a great empowerment of ourselves.

With this in mind it's particularly important to make the most of this small reprieve and prepare ourselves for the rest of month ahead. Invite in balance and reject aggression and you'll put yourself in a healthy place and ready to tackle the rest of this tumultuous time.

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Image: Unsplash