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Elevate your interiors with these slick new pieces from McMullin & Co.

Elevate your interiors with these slick new pieces from McMullin & Co.

There's a certain pride to be had in having a home that feels authentic and individualised. While there's a time and a place for generic homewares, there's just something much more special about having a piece that everybody can't have. For Australian furniture designers McMullin & Co., this is the basis of their collections – always making the choice to consciously uncouple themselves from the mass-produced homewares industry, and instead favouring limited, considered and sustainable pieces.

Their latest limited Elements collection is equal parts sophistication and comfort. Pared-back in its design, and neutral in colour scheme – but without lacking in character – these are the kinds of pieces that fit aptly into any space, irrespective of one's style, taste or size of space.

We thought we'd take you through three of our favourite pieces from the collection and tell you how we'd style them.


Uma modular sofa

The Uma modular sofa has the great advantage of being customisable to your space - and adjustable even after that point. Its neutral hue of its velvet finish (a colour they've aptly called Crepe Peach Blush) is a perfect base for any colour scheme, but we think it looks best paired with earthy tones like this wooden coffee table, and some deep green cushions, artwork or florals.


Marvin armchair

The design of the Marvin armchair comes in two hues – a light beige and a deep cacao – exploring the visual tension between the smooth chrome frame and soft upholstered cushioning. The harmonious juxtaposition of these elements makes this a visually stunning piece to add to your living space or bedroom. We'd couple it with a chocolate-coloured throw or pillow – or perhaps place it next to a matching chrome floor lamp.


Linea floor mirror

If you're looking for a sophisticated older sibling to that viral Ultrafragola mirror, then look no further. The Linea floor mirror is simultaneously minimal and funky, taking inspiration from both the old and new world. It's a fantastic way to add the functionality of a mirror to your space that doesn't feel solely utilitarian. It's an art piece and a reflective surface all in one.

You can shop the full Element collection now on the McMullin & Co. website.

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Images courtesy of McMullin & Co.