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For Resort 2025, Max Mara looks to Venetian merchant, Marco Polo, for inspiration

Venice, the enchanting lagoon city in northern Italy, has always captivated the imaginations of writers and artists alike. Mary Shelley once remarked on its unique allure, saying, "There is something so different in Venice from any other place in the world, that you leave at once all accustomed habits and everyday sights to enter an enchanted garden." This timeless enchantment set the stage for the Max Mara Resort 2025 show, a tribute to the city's rich history and multicultural heritage.

The show marks the 700th anniversary of the death of Marco Polo, the illustrious Venetian merchant whose travels brought tales of distant lands back to Europe. Polo's spirit of curiosity and openness, and even his progressive views on women, are woven into the fabric of Max Mara's latest collection. His observations in 'Il Milione' of Tartar women riding horses and the fabled Island of Women in India resonate with the brand’s celebration of strength and elegance.

Max Mara's collection, inspired by Polo's 20 years at the court of Kublai Khan, exudes opulence and cultural richness. The collection starts with classic camel, black, white, and tan hues, introducing silks reminiscent of those Polo might have encountered on the Silk Road. Australian star and RUSSH girl Angelina Kendall opened the show in what can only be described as luxurious 'robes de chambre', before the collection transitioned into versatile parkas, trenches, and tabarri. It's fair to say, the coats in this collection are nothing short of regal. Gowns for special occasions, sweeping spolverini, tailored tunics, sharply cut tailleurs, and chic all-in-ones offer everyday elegance ready for both travel and adventure.

Key features included outsize tassels, chunky drawstrings, extravagant handkerchief cuffs, and velvet pannier skirts, all adding a touch of drama. The highlight is a series of turban-inspired headpieces, crafted in collaboration with legendary milliner Stephen Jones, crowning the collection with an exotic flair.

RUSSH's executive fashion director, Hannah Cooper, who was in attendance at the show shared that, "the collection was such a beautifully refined and considered way to celebrate East versus West. Slight embellishments, dresses cut on the bias mixing velvets and silks, the turban’s incredibly sculptural to compliment the many silhouettes. In my opinion, it was the silhouettes and shapes that made the show."

"The accessories were so young and fresh too. The sunglasses! Also the oversized soft leather bags that were perfectly slouchy. Just brilliant."

Venice’s unique position as a cultural crossroads has always blended Eastern and Western art and architecture, a fusion beautifully reflected in Max Mara’s designs. The intricate patterns in the collection draw from Venetian Gothic’s rich heritage, featuring stylised floral sprays and motifs from Zoroastrianism, Hinduism, and the Chinese concept of Yin and Yang.

Venetian women historically held a significant degree of power and privilege, often running affairs while the men traded abroad. This empowered spirit is embodied in the Resort 2025 collection, and La Serenissima – frequently personified as a woman symbolising justice, harmony, power, progress, loyalty, and grace – provides the perfect backdrop for this celebration of fashion and heritage.

Max Mara's Resort 2025 collection is not just a showcase of stunning garments but a tribute to Venice's legacy as a melting pot of cultures and a beacon of timeless elegance.

See a selection of our favourite looks from the Max Mara Resort 2025 show, below.


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